Module Code: M182LON

Module Title: Leading and managing people

M182LON Intended Module Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the student should be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate issues and processes involved in the management and leadership of work organisations;
  2. Critically appraise and apply a range of concepts and theories of organisational behaviour and their contribution to managing and leading people in the workplace;
  3. Debate and critically evaluate the characteristics of effective leadership & management;
  4. Critically reflect on the effectiveness of leadership and develop leadership and management skills in a range of organisation settings.

M182LON CW End of Term Business report 4000 words – 100%:

You work as a departmental manager for an organisation of your choice. You have been asked by your CEO to critically reflect on the effectiveness of leadership in this organisation and to discuss the relevance of three of the following topics in your discussion:

  1. Leadership and organisational effectiveness
  2. Leadership and Organisational change
  3. Strategic leadership and shaping organisational culture
  4. Leadership, organisational design and agile working
  5. Leadership styles and theories
  6. Teams and shared leadership
  7. Men and women in leadership roles
  8. Leading, coaching and motivating
  9. Leadership, power and decision making

Your response should be formatted as a management report and written in third-person tense. In this report, you are required to introduce the key management theories and perspectives and critically evaluate their relevance to your context. You should also include a personal development plan on your learning throughout the module. Your report may be structured in the following way:

  1. Introduction
  2. Evaluation of Topic 1
    • Sub-heading
    • Sub-heading
  3. Evaluation of Topic 2
    • Sub-heading
    • Sub-heading
  4. Evaluation of Topic 3
    • Sub-heading
    • Sub-heading
  5. Recommendations for improvement of your case company’s leadership effectiveness (including, but not limited to the development of management and leadership skills)
  6. Conclusion
  7. Personal Development Plan (this should be in your appendix – this plan is excluded from the word count)


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