Module Code: M186LON

Module Title: Sustainability Business Report

Assignment title: Produce a business report- Individual assignment

word count: 4000 words (+/- 10%)

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and explain the concept of social responsibility, sustainability, business ethics and their influence on corporations.
  2. Apply main theoretical concepts, and sustainability models underlying sustainability and social responsibility.
  3. Examine the importance of stakeholder theory, the role and significance of corporate social responsibility in 21st century businesses.
  4. Critically analyse the nature and key elements of social responsibility and sustainability management, their role in strategic decision-making and their relation to the wider challenges of innovation, development of new business enterprises and the sustainable business performance.
  5. Critically assess the appropriateness and applicability of modern businesses and social responses to environmental, social, and economic challenges of sustainable development.
  6. Prove critical understanding of the broader issues of corporate social responsibility and business ethics and identify solutions to overcome complex sustainability problems that involve main shareholders and are required by ethical and responsible business managers.

Details of the task (for MSc Management)

Coursework Assignment (100%)

Create a business report for your chosen construction firm.

Your chosen construction organisation should be a well-established international construction development company that deals in the designing and/or development of both residential and/or commercial buildings. The organisation can operate around the world e.g., UK, Europe, US, and Asia.

Your chosen organisation should be well positioned to deliver the sustainable solutions that customers and societies need, today and in the future. Preferably, take an active role in developing society, working with customers, politicians, and other stakeholders to continually improve standards in safety, green, ethics, diversity and inclusion, and community investment.

You have been appointed as a Sustainability Executive for (your selected construction organisation). You have been asked to propose a new Sustainability and Social Responsibility strategy and policy for the organisation.

Working in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, the Corporate Social Responsibility Executive assists in the delivery of CSR company initiatives, messaging, and projects. Through supporting the implementation of our corporate and social commitments, the CSR Executive helps the wider corporate affairs team who is responsible for the company’s corporate reputation and brand in building the corporate brand and positioning company as a socially aware and responsible organisation.

The CSR Executive will work closely with our Corporate Social Responsibility Manager to continue the development of company-wide strategies such as sustainability initiatives and charity objectives. In this role, it is expected to support the team in implementing company’s CSR strategy, delivering CSR initiatives across all pillars, and acting as an ambassador for more responsible practices and social investment across the business. Through a strong network of internal and external stakeholders, the CSR Executive will proactively and reactively raise the profile of company’s CSR commitments.

Across sustainability, the role will include supporting the CSR Manager on the development and progress of company’s sustainability strategy where the team plays a centralised function in supporting initiatives across the business. It will include engagement with teams across the business in areas such as sourcing and supply chain transparency, emissions reductions monitoring and support, and communicating progress to the business, gaining support across all levels of the business.


Using key themes from this module, you need to develop a sustainability and social responsibility strategy for your selected Construction. You must consider the activities carried out by your selected construction firm and its future endeavours to help its employees, communities, and ecological environment.

Your Business report must include analysis on the following sections:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Brief introduction on what is CSR in today’s world including industrial background to analyse for the report.
  3. Explore six core characteristics of CSR – relate them to the construction company you have selected.
  4. Explore the variety of theoretical models and the diversity of theoretical concepts in CSR and relate them to your chosen construction firm.
    1. You need to apply at least three models/theories within this section such as the triple bottom line approach, the congruence model, Caroll’s Pyramid of CSR, the Five Capitals Model of Sustainability
    2. Analyse Stakeholders and Apply the Stakeholder Theory- this is additional to the 3 models that you are going to choose.
  5. Examine strategic approaches used by the international companies to fulfil their community responsibilities and formulate a CSR strategy for your selected company.
  6. Make recommendations identifying how a more sustainable CSR strategy can be developed for your selected firm. The suggestions should analyse the following aspects:
    • How ecological responsibilities could be further enhanced in the firm’s corporate strategy
    • How the firm’s construction might enhance social welfare by developing products for consumers or responding to demands from consumers for greater responsibility and to overcome these difficult times.
    • How your selected construction firm might enhance their CSR strategy regarding the recruitment and retention of employees and create a greater sense of CSR in the workforce.
  7. Conclusion
  8. Reference list – Using APA style

You need to ensure that the recommendations given are original and cost effective for the company.

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