Module Code: MAN203

Module Subject: Management practices

length: 2,000 – 2,500 words

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the cultural influences on management systems
  • Research relevant information and data for two specific countries
  • Briefly discuss and compare how cultural dimensions influence the management systems in the two countries


Following on from the previous assignments, you already have a good understanding of the two countries’ management environment and cultural aspects. For the final assignment, you now have the opportunity to research and discuss how culture influences specific management practices. You will be focussing on the same two countries as allocated for the previous assignment.

Consider yourself as an international manager who is preparing a report for an MNC. Your job is to research and discuss how cultural aspects influence below listed management practices for country 1 (MNC home country) and country 2 (new country they want to engage with). Such research will help the MNC to understand the similarities and differences and what needs to be considered when preparing for an international expansion into country 2.

What is the culture-specific influences and considerations with regards to the following management practices?

  • communication and negotiation
  • decision making and control
  • motivation
  • leadership

✓  You need to research (recent & academic) and discuss key cultural influences for each country with regards to above practices.

✓  Link your discussion back to Hofstede’s dimensions and/or justify with other cultural dimensions/theories.

✓  Highlight key similarities and/or differences between the countries.

✓  Based on your research, explain what the MNC would need to consider regarding the cultural influences for each specific management practice when engaging with the new country

Focus your research on recent academic journal articles, however, other credible academic or non-academic may be used as well (avoid textbooks). Please note, your discussion needs to focus on aspects that are relevant to international management and not in general for the country or society or consumers.


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