Subject Code: MBA611

Subject Name: International Strategy

Assessment Title: Strategy Formulation

Length: 1200 words (+/- 10% allowable range)

Your task

Using the same company that you worked on in the first assessment, individually, you are required to prepare a 1200-word report in which you must identify possible strategies that companies can adopt when considering engaging with international markets. Please note that if you focus on any other company than the one your workshop facilitator provides, your submission will receive a grade of zero.

Assessment Description

The purpose of this assessment is to foster students’ ability to analyse strategic opportunities in an international context and developing skills for analysing the process of ethical decision making upon entry and operations into the international markets.

Assessment Instructions

To complete this assignment, you will have to use the same company you in the first assessment.

This report must summarise the strategy you propose the company adopts in the country you’ve identified in the first assessment. The strategy needs to be developed to give the company and its product/service the best chance of success.

The strategy requires you to conduct in-depth research into the country that you have selected and collect information about the following:

  1. The average pay rate for staff in entry-level and managerial roles in your chosen company’s industry
  2. The attitudes of local consumers or businesses towards international companies. You can identify this by reading a range of news articles or listening to podcast news about the country.
  3. How easy or difficult it is to transfer funds to and from the country with particular emphasis on the ability to repatriate funds back to the home country (Australia)
  4. Whether Australian banks have relationships or agreements with banks in that country
  5. The number and timing of public holidays in that country or seasons where work may be slower than usual or disrupted
  6. The current GDP, interest rate and inflation rate in that country

You are required to recommend one of the following strategies (choose one and justify it)

  1. Opening a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company in the selected country
  2. Buying a local company in the chosen country.

The report does not require an executive summary. The word count does not include the cover sheet or reference list, or any tables you may use. The assessment must be completed individually.

Please remember that you will need to cite the sources you used, so you are required to reference at least 8 sources of information. These may include corporate websites, government publications, industry reports, census data, journal articles, newspaper articles and textbook material. You must apply Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style to your in-text citations and your reference list in referencing sources.

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