MC4061 individual assessment for Spring 2022-23

Assessment (Learning Outcomes 1,2 and 3): Individual written report (1500 words, 100%)

The aim of the assessment is to enable you to apply the knowledge gained during the module. You are required to choose an organisation from an industry sector of your choice or a sector from your degree subject (e.g., Marketing, Management, Fashion, Leisure, Tourism, Aviation, Music Business, Financial services, Education, Not for Profit/Charity etc.).

The key tasks that form this assessment include:

A summary of the key elements of the PRESTCOM model of environmental analysis (Week3 lecture) that is relevant to the sector
your chosen organisation operates in. Using the findings from the PRESTCOM analysis from task above, outline feasible marketing recommendations that can be suggested based on a comprehensive SWOT analysis of your chosen organisation.

Key elements:

– The use of the relevant marketing theories and frameworks in your answer to the above task

– Evidence of well-structured and logical marketing report with introduction, main body and conclusion.

– Word limit 1500 words maximum (excluding bibliography and appendices). The individual essay weighs 100% of the module marks.

This assessment encourages students to develop and practice the following skills:

Academic writing, application of marketing knowledge, interpreting data, researching, and analysing skills.


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