MC5077 Consumer Insights Research Report

This assessment addresses the following Learning outcomes:

  1. Discuss & examine theories underpinning contemporary consumer behaviour towards the generation of consumer intelligence & insight LO1
  2. Design and construct research methods to harvest, analyse and evaluate insights from consumers data LO2

What are you required to do for the Consumer Insight Research report?

You are a consumer insight researcher, you have been asked to write on the following issue – The discount shopper . They wish to understand the factors influencing consumers in the possible & purchase and consumption of products.

They have specifically requested that you address the following in your report –

  • Define Marketing problem
  • Define and evaluate research objectives, based on a thorough understanding of the context of consumer issue/s
  • Define and evaluate research objectives for given research problem/s
  • Select appropriate techniques for the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data with an appropriate rationale of your choice of technique necessary to inform effective decision-making
  • Select appropriate population of interest and rationale of sample for primary research
  • Design & execute an appropriate consumer insight research approach based on a clear understanding of a range of research approaches and techniques to collect primary data.
  • Analyse and evaluate choices made at each stage in the research process identify any limitations and devise appropriate strategies for overcoming those limitations
  • Analyse, evaluate interpret and report findings of primary data
  • Provide and justify recommendations to support the managerial decision making, based on a through understanding of the information gathered during the research process


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