Module Code: MC5080QA

Module title: Marketing Communications

ASSIGNMENT 1: Individual Presentation via Slides Only

MC5080QA assessment brief – Situation analysis of the marketing and communications environment

(Please choose a company, product, or brand in this first attempt)

  1. Select a company, brand, product, or service offering in this first sit

Please choose a new brand, product or service offering with which you are reasonably familiar, or you are interested in. When making your choice, please make sure that you have access to relevant information about the brand, product or service offering and how it markets itself. Your work should focus on a specific country’s market.

  1. Conduct situation analysis

When developing a marketing communications campaign plan, half of your effort can go into your situation analysis as this will create a strong foundation for the next phases of your integrated marketing communications campaign plan.

As part of your situation/context analysis, you are required to conduct an internal and external audit using appropriate frameworks, e.g., PESTLE analysis, SWOT analysis and an analysis of relevant marketing mix elements. You need to evaluate the current performance of your chosen brand, product, or service offering) reviewing where it is underperforming and where it is excelling compared to three direct competitors. Please note that you need to set clear criteria for your choice of the three direct competitors. Please focus your work on the marketing and marketing communications environment

You also need to review past/present campaigns related to your chosen company, brand, product, or service offering. Please also identify examples of good practice beyond your chosen company (brand, product, or service offering) with the aim of adopting a similar marketing communication approach in the future.

Having a clear understanding of your customer’s needs and wants is one of the key aspects of situation analysis and therefore you need to assess typical consumer motivations and the buying process within a given market situation as well as create a customer journey map.

Finally, you need to draw relevant conclusion on key problem areas and set indicative objectives for your integrated marketing communications campaign plan.


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