Subject Code: MCR004

Assessment 2 – MYOB Project Completion (Computerised Accounting) (25%)

Learning outcomes:

  1. Complete a comprehensive computerised business simulation and analysis case via the Perdisco MYOB practice set.
  2. Perdisco will automatically send your results to your subject lecturer Dr Nilima Paul based on your on-line business completion by due date, so you do not send any data or information to the lecturer.
  3. Students are required to have Access Code and complete an online MYOB practice set that will count 25% towards the overall assessment mark for this unit. Access code will be sent to each student by GCA student email at week 4. Students are required to know and use GCA student email for communication. No personal email will be allowed for communication. No MYOB access code will be allowed after week 5. If any student miss to get the access code by end of week 4, will loss 25% assessment mark as UBSS management pay the access code money on behalf of students.
  4. Every student need to strictly follow their allocated access code (password). Every student will be allocated different business according to password. Password cannot be swapped.
  5. Assessment 2: MYOB Practice Set 25% is an Individual Assessment. The practice set has been designed to provide students with experience in the practical and technical skills essential to accounting with the MYOB Accounting Plus software, through the completion of a one-month accounting cycle for a fictional business. Does not work on a Mac need to use a friend’s machine.
  6. There are Two Sections in the MYOB assessment:

(A) MYOB trial version

(B) MYOB final assessment 25%. Note MYOB trial version is compulsory to practice before starting MYOB final assessment. If any student does not practice trial version and stat MYOB assessment will affect the final marks of the assessment.



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