Module code: MG629

Module title: Developing Leadership and Management Skills

Assignment title: Leadership evaluation report.

CW1: 2,500 word +/- 10%

Task requirements:

You are to write a professionally formatted 2,500-word, +/-10%, business report that addresses the task set above and detailed below.

  1. Using appropriate academic theory, models and professional sources, you are to analyse and evaluate the leadership and management of the organization in order to classify and compare academic theory with professional practice.
  2. You are then required to assess the impact of the leadership and management in relation to its overall performance drawing upon business performance metrics as required from a wide cross section of business performance analysis.  Note, comparison and benchmarking to ‘best in field’ or ‘best in class’ is strongly recommended in order to provide context and comprehension of the data used.

Organizations should ideally be selected based on the sector the student wishes to enter as a graduate and provide access to enough research material and data to enable completion of the task.  Note, films, interviews, documentary’s, podcasts as well as news, research reports, books and case studies can all be used as part of the organizational research but, this is not a definitive list and the student is strongly encouraged to be creative and original in any primary and secondary research activities used to gather insight in to the organizations leadership and management.

Suggested structure, headings and word count:

  • Front cover
  • Executive summary
  • Content page
  • Introduction to report and outline of chosen organization (300 words)
  • Analysis and comparison of leadership and management (800 words)
  • Key performance metrics of organizational sector/market/industry (300 words)
  • Organizational leadership and management performance. (800 words)
  • Conclusion (300 words)
  • Reference pages
  • Appendices

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