Module title : Foundation Year Research Project

Module code : MGBBT0FYP

Research Project (1500 words)

Assignment Overview:

This Foundation Year Project module is designed to provide students with basic and essential skills involved in planning, undertaking, and presenting a piece of independent research on a topic relevant to the tourism industry. Students will be given an opportunity to investigate a problem or question that relates to the industry, making use of information gathered from a wide range of sources (published, internet, etc.).

learning outcomes:

  • LO 1 : Demonstrate an ability to undertake a project involving plan, execute, analyse findings, and draw conclusions for an investigation with specified aims and objectives identified.
  • LO 2 : Enable students to manage their time effectively in conducting a project and, consequently, enhance their academic skills.
  • LO 3 : Develop and demonstrate academic writing and communication skills to present the project in written and visual formats.

Assignment Task and Requirements:

Prepare a project of 1500 words that aims to identify solutions for tourism companies to help ease the pressure of inflation.


For your project you are required to research using a variety of sources to answer the following question:

“What are the typical impacts that inflation can have on the tourism industry and what solutions, to ease the negative impacts, can be implemented?”

Assignment Guide and Format

Your Research Project needs to include:

  • Introduction (350 Words):
    1. Definition from research of inflation
    2. List of events that can lead to inflation e.g. interest rates, global events etc sourced from research.
    3. Aims and objectives of the research
  • Main Body (800 words):
  • Explanation of the types of data e.g. statistics that are used to identify that inflation is occurring and data that demonstrates the measured impact that inflation has had on SME’s – you will need to use both government statistics (Office for National Statistics) and industry related statistics. The majority of this section of your project will need to be based on quantitative research.
  • Qualitative research that gives examples of both the negative and positive impacts inflation can have on the tourism industry – journals and specialist textbooks can provide this information.
  • Conclusion (350 words):
    1. Use research from textbooks and journals to identify solutions that have been proven to ease the negative impact that inflation can have on the tourism industry.
    2. You must ensure that you also use real tourism company examples to help demonstrate that the methods you are suggesting from research have been effective.

A Gannt chart that shows the tasks and time frame that the project tasks took place.


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