Module code: MGBBT0UBN

Module title: Tourism Marketing Principles

Assignment No. and type: Individual presentation (10mins)

Task requirements

This assignment will encourage the students to apply the academic skills, demonstrate their understanding and ability to analyse

Students are required to design and present a powerpoint presentation that analyses the following areas of a popular hospitality, travel or leisure organisation.

Please note students should choose one of the three areas and are not required to analyse all three.


An in-class presentation analysing the students’ chosen hospitality, travel or leisure company of their choice, using The Marketing Mix.

Cover Page

Slide 1: What is Marketing Mix?

Slide 2: What are The Elements or 4Ps of the Marketing Mix?

Slide 3: (Chosen organisation Marketing Channels)

Slide 4: (Features of production)

Slide 5: (Nature of market)

Slide 6: (The number and location of consumers)

Slide 7: (Stage of product life cycle)

Slide 8: (Customer Buying behavior)

Slide 9: (The competitive environment and competitor behavior)

Slide 10: (Globalization of marketing system)


Q&A Slide

Thank You Slide


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