Module Code: MGBBT0UBN

Module Subject: Understanding Business Organisation

Case Study 1,500 words

Assignment task

This assignment involves preparing an individual Case Study on your understanding of business organisations and it’s environment.

This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:

LO 1: Demonstrate sound knowledge and understanding of a variety of business types and their functions.

LO 3: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of major forces and themes that shape contemporary businesses.

Task requirements


This assignment will encourage students to carry out independent research and foster an understanding of the operational business environment.

Case Study – Premier Inn Hotel Chain

Premier Inn belongs to the British hospitality’s expert company Whitbread PLC and is the United Kingdom’s (UK) largest hotel chain operating with over 800 hotels across the UK and beyond. This industry giant has been providing great food and comfortable rooms for their guests and also takes pride in supporting their charity partners such as Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH).

Assignment Task (1,500 words) – 50%

Based on your research you are required to produce and explain the organisational structure of Premier Inn. Discuss the internal and external factors which impact on their business as a result of emerging situations (crises, pandemics, etc..), using environmental analysis tools such as SWOT and PESTLE.

A suggested format would be to discuss the organisational structure of Premier Inn Hotel’s in 300 words. Then, 800 words can be used to discuss the environmental factors. The remaining 400 words could to be used for the introduction and conclusion of this case study (Please see the below assignment guide and layout).

You must reference all information used in the case study, using the CCCU Harvard Referencing Guide. Minimum of 10 Sources, including Journals, Books and use a variety of academically accepted sources.


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