Module code: MGBBT1TAS

Module Title: Tourism and Society

Task 2: Essay Equality and Tourism

Learning Outcomes:

LO3 Show an understanding of the issues and debates concerned with equality, access and participation in tourism.

LO4 Demonstrate appropriate academic writing skills, referencing and good academic practice.

Essay : 2000 words (- or + 10%)

You are required to produce an essay on participation and equality in the tourism sector.

Essay question: What are the issues around participation and equality in the tourism industry?

Introduction (300 words)

Your introduction should state the aim of the essay: To discuss issues concerned with equality, access, and participation in tourism.

Introduce how you will address the following learning outcomes:

LO3 Show an understanding of the issues and debates concerned with equality, access and participation in tourism.

Consider: Why is this topic important for the management of future development global destinations?

Do we expect too much as consumers of travel?

Are we insensitive to different cultures and traditions?

How does tourism impact inequality and Poverty?

First chapter (400 words)

This chapter should provide some background information into how the tourism industry has developed and become more accessible to consumers; you may want to include statistics to show the availability and accessibility of travel to a range of international destinations as well as the economic impact of tourism (Industry reports).

Consider the impact increased tourism has on Stakeholders.

Second chapter (400 words)

Your second chapter should include a discussion of the emergence of new markets within the tourism industry to facilitate increasing consumer needs and motivations to travel.

You may want to reference the experience economy and the rise of events (Olympics / F1) as part of travel.

How has this impacted travel, experiences as well as expectations and behaviours of tourists?

Consider preferred methods of travel, duration of trips and activities.

Third chapter (600 words)

Your third chapter will outline the impact of the tourism industry taking into consideration equality within the sector and including a discussion of the positive and negative impacts of tourism on global destinations and furthermore society.

You may want to consider: Fair and equal working rights and conditions, gender pay gap, unemployment, crime, development of destinations, sustainability, ethics and moral behaviour.

It is good practice to refer to industry examples to strengthen your argument.

Conclusion (300 words)

Conclude the key findings of your research – No new information is to be introduced here.

What does this mean for the industry, do things need to change in terms of access and equality? What do you think the impacts of tourism are on Society?

Relate back to the essay question

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