Module code and title: MGBBT1TEN Tourism Environment and Industry

Essay 2,000 words


This assignment will encourage students to gain an understanding of the tourism principles and development of tourism industry.


The submission of a written essay that discusses the tourism environment of a sustainable destination country of your choice, using a wide variety of research materials (2,000 words).

Essay (2,000 words) – 50%

You are required to produce an essay on “Understanding the tourism environment and its stakeholders at the tourism destination country of your choice” through the use of a variety of research materials.

The essay must include:

  1. Introduction: You should give the reader an overview about what the essay is all about.
  2. Paragraph 1: Define the concept of sustainable tourism and its principles for sustainable tourism development in your destination country.
  3. Paragraph 2: Identify and discuss the role of stakeholders involved in the decision making of sustainable tourism development.
  4. Paragraph 3: Analyse the macro environmental factors contributing to the sustainable development of your tourism destination (positively or negatively).
  5. Paragraph 4: Analyse the competitive micro-environment and tourists’ motivating factors influencing the demand of your tourism product.
  6. Conclusion :You should provide summary and recommendations of your findings.

Make sure you choose the tourism destination country of your choice for your essay.

You must reference all information used in the essay, using the Harvard Referencing Guide.  


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