Module code: MGBBT1TMP

Module title: Tourism Marketing Principles

Written business report of 2000 words on your Tourism Marketing Principles

Task requirements:

Part 1– Business Report (2,000 words) – 50%

Throughout the module we will be examining a variety of tourism issues through the use of a variety of research materials.

         You are required to undertake a “Marketing Audit” for a selected hospitality & tourism company.

A business report is a set of data that provides historical information related to a company’s operations, production, specific department’s insights, and creates a base for future decision-making processes or factual insights needed to organize business functions.

The report must:

  1. Give the full Harvard reference within the reference page for each item used, and the correct Harvard ‘shortened’ reference within the essay.
  2. Include both direct and indirect citations from a wide variety of sources. Include a minimum of 15 references.
  3. Make use of the relevant core texts and research items from within the module;
  4. Your cover page would be the first page of your Essay. Include student-ID number, module name, lecturer name, academic year/group bubble.

Report structure

Executive Summary (250 words) A suggested format would be to create an introduction which defines tourism marketing concepts. Tell the reader: a) the previews of the main points covered in the full report in the executive summary; b) introduce the aim of the report; and c) how information is presented.

Company Background (250 words) should describe the background of the company and the brief introduction of the company and services / products you have chosen.

External Analysis (500 words) should identify and discuss the macro environment with particular attention to a) the identification of customers / consumers and analysis of their needs; b) analysis of the organisation’s competitive situation by using “Opportunities & Threats” or “PESTLE” Analysis models.

Internal Analysis (500 words) should identify and discuss an internal analysis focusing on the organisations capability to meet the needs of its customers by using one of the “Strengths & Weakness” or “Porter’s Five Force” models.

Ethical in business (250 words) should describe the measures adopted by the management of business venture in order to make ethics work in the organization and identify the ethical behavior of business venture.

Future Development (250 words) should identify and discuss the issues raised by the audit and any actions you feel the organisation should be taking with regard to its future marketing activity by using appropriate marketing channel and ethical consideration.


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