Module Code: MN3040QA

Module Subject: Orientation for Success in Higher Education

Assignment 1: Skills Audit

Word limit: 750 – 850 words

Essay question: Illustrate your gained knowledge on the skills needed to succeed at university. Base your analysis on THREE study skills discussed in class and include theories, techniques and analogies.

Your report structure is outlined below:

1. Introduction (around 100 – 125 words)

You should include a hook, background and an outline.

2. Skills Analysis (around 500 – 600 words)

Choose 3 skills from the table below:

1. Note-taking skills

2. Self-organisation skills

3. Time management skills

4. Teamwork skills

5. Academic reading skills

6. Presentation skills

For each skill, you should write about:

• What the skill means/define it.

• Why the skill is important to have as a student.

• How confident you currently feel about the skill.

• How you are going to develop/improve the skill

3. Conclusion (around 100 – 125 words)

You should summarise your essay


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