Module Code: MN3042QA

Module Subject: The Context of Business

Part 1 – 60%: Demonstrate your ability to explain the impact of globalisation on both large and small businesses. You need to choose by yourselves and then research on different two companies from same industry or business (one large business and one small). You need to compare how they are different.

Group Assignment Description

You will be required to identify how two different organisations be compared based on their:

  • Status: size, location(s), employees, local or global, organisational structure(functional/divisional/matrix)
  • Marketing: 4 P’s, branding, advertising
  • Economy: Supply and Demand, Market share, profit/ financial statistics

You will then identify by using PESTLE & Porter’s Five Forces that what challenges they face and how they could overcome them.  You must come up with realistic recommendations for them that match their organisational position.

The presentation will be 15 minutes long (at least 3 to 4 minutes each member subject to team size). You will be marked down for not keeping to the time limit.

Part 2 – 40% Individual submission: You will need to submit a short self-reflective essay of 400 words (+/-10%) on your experience of working in the group. (Must follow Gibbs’ or Kolb’s reflective cycle to reflect)

  • How did you manage the tasks?
  • What went well and what would you do differently in the same group next time?
  • What are the skills that you have developed doing this assignment?
  • Was everyone given a chance to share their ideas?


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