Module Code: MN3042QA


Assignment :Group Presentation

This is a group assignment  (4-5 students) that will demonstrate your ability to explain the impact of globalisation on both large and small businesses.You need to research different two companies that are in the same industry or business (one large business and one small) You need to compare and contrast how they are different.

Group Assignment Description

You will identify how two different organisations compare:

  • status: size, location(s), employees, local or global, organisational structure(functional/divisional/matrix)
  • marketing: 4 P’s, branding, advertising
  • economy: Supply and Demand, Market share, profit/ financial statistics

You will then identify what challenges they face and how they could overcome them.  You must come up with realistic recommendations for them that match their organisational position.

The presentation will be 10-15 minutes long .You will be marked down for not keeping to the time limit.

Assessment Criteria

  • You have undertaken good research demonstrated by your organisational knowledge
  • Analysis of both the organizations based on status, marketing and economy
  • You have identified potential challenges and developed realistic recommendations
  • Level of professionalism with presentation with in text referencing and reference list using the Harvard referencing system
  • Full contribution and participation of all team members

Minimum 3 academic references.

Each group will be required to submit a Contribution Log which details their intended and actual contributions to the assessment activities. Failure to complete and submit the Contribution Log will result in the group mark not being entered on Evision.


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