Module Code: MN4062QA

Module Subject: Principles of Management

Assignment 1: Reflective Paper ( 40%)

Portfolio Part 1: Reflective paper comparing traditional and contemporary approaches of management (1,000 words)

  • Write a short reflective paper based on the content covered in weeks 1-6 and the feedback on the Formative Assignment done in week 4.
  • Word limit: 1,000
  • Use the questions provided to structure your assignment.

Learning Outcome (LO)

LO1: identify major developments in the history of managerial thought including classical and contemporary approaches

Assignment Task:

In this part of the ASSIGNMENT, you are asked to produce an account of your learning in the first six weeks of the semester. In doing so you should consider your experience on this module, the feedback you have received and your own reflection on the outcome of the formative assignment.

Your academic essay should discuss the following points:

  1. What have you learned so far in this module? Please clearly show the knowledge you gained in the lectures/seminars and by studying the literature recommended by comparing traditional and contemporary approaches of
  2. How has the feedback you have received about your work helped you identify 1) what you are good at and 2) areas of your work that need improvement?
  3. What do you want to do next? – Identify one of the areas of your work that need improvement and outline 2 or 3 ideas for

Assessment criteria:

  1. Presents an understanding of what you have learned in your module so far. Discusses management theories and compares
  2. Explains how feedback has helped you identify the strengths in your
  3. Demonstrates that you understand how your work needs developing and illustrates what can be done to improve it
  4. Presents work clearly and accurately using the appropriate personal expression and organisational form (i.e., follows recommended structure, uses third person to refer to information from literature and references sources correctly by using the Harvard Referencing System).


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