Module Code: MN4062QA

Module Subject: Principles of Management

Assignment 2: Individual Paper based on group project

Assignment task:

For your group presentation (due week 12) – (w/c 18th October 2021)

  1. Firstly, visit the Museum of London with your group (3-4 students). Because of the present National lockdown, you will not be able to visit the Museum of London. Therefore, click here or the link below to choose your ‘historical person’.
  2. Go to the web page of the Museum of London:
  3. Chose the filter ‘People’ so see some interesting personalities and start your research here (you will need to consider other resources as well).
  4. Identify a historical person at the Museum of London you find interesting and research its history.
  5. Link the actions to the CVF: What actions has this person engaged in that show behaviours related to the four approaches? [This video clip will be of help in performing this function:]

In your individual assignment (due week 15 – 12/11/2021)

  1. Based on the presentation in week 21, write a report that reflects on your group work using teamwork and motivational theories.
  2. Based on the information you gathered about your own actions, how would you describe yourself using the CVF’s Action Imperatives discussed in week 9?


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