Module Code: MN6003

Module Subject: Strategy – Choices and Change

Assignment 03 : Pairs Report on the Leadership and the Implementation of Strategic Change / Tune Group Case Study (30% of Module grade)


Throughout this Module, we have been studying strategic planning (prescriptive strategy), and also strategic change (emergent strategy).  Strategic change is what all large companies go through over time, as companies grow, enter new markets, respond to competitors and customer needs, and diversify into new products, services, and SBUs.  This process requires clear strategic leadership throughout any period of strategic change and development.  In Theme 3, we will be focussing on both of these areas: the importance of strategic change, and the importance of strategic leadership. 


  • In pairs / twos, take your time and carefully read, study, and analyse the Tune Group Case Study.
  • Using models, theories, and concepts from Theme 3 only, your task is to write a strategic report (maximum 2,000-words) for the Board of Directors of the Tune Group, following this structure:
  1. Executive Summary (approx. 200 words):
  2. Main Body (approx. 1,500 words)

(i)  Where you explain, analyse, and critique the current strategic structure of the Tune Group, showing how they have grown and diversified since 2001 to the current strategic structure today, and how this process was managed strategically

(ii)  Where you explain, analyse, and critique the role of strategic leadership during this period of growth and diversification

  1. Recommendations (approx. 200 words):

Where you recommend what countries / markets the Tune Group should enter next, what products and services they should further diversity into, the role of strategic leadership in the company’s future, and explain your reasons and rationale

  1. References and Bibliography:

Reference the strategy models, theories, and concepts we have covered in our Theme 3 classes, and make use of our core textbook: Johnson et al (2020) Exploring Strategy: Texts and Cases, 12th Edition, Pearson (available FREE as an e:book via the Library, just click on the link)

You may wish to use and closely apply the following strategy models in your report:

The Four Types of Strategic Change / The Change Kaleidoscope / The Cultural Web / Lewin’s 3 step model / Kotter’s 8 Steps of Strategic Change / Lynch’s 5-steps of Strategic Leadership / The Transcendent Model of Strategic Leadership


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