Module Code: MN6076QA

Module Subject: Leading Innovation

Assignment 1: Gore-Tex Case Study (summative)

2,500 words pairs report (maximum)

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the Module, students will be able to:

  • LO1: Use, evaluate, and apply to both themselves and to organisations a range of classic and contemporary leadership styles
  • LO2: Critically analyse innovation processes in the economy, society, and organisations, and to evaluate the synergies between leadership and innovation

Background:  Since Week 7, we have continued studying leadership and innovation theories and examples, and applying these theories and examples to commercial leaders and innovative companies we are familiar with, and to ourselves as students and future leaders and innovators

Task: Pairs Report, 2,500-words (maximum)

  • In your Seminars, form a pair (2 students = 1 pair)
  • In your pairs, read, study, and analyse the Gore-Tex Case Study
  • Engage in further research on Gore-Tex, its leadership style, its innovation(s), and the competitors and rivals in its industry / sector
  • Analyse, using theories and examples from our classes, materials, and reading lists, plus data, facts, and figures from your own research, how Gore-Tex has blended leadership and innovation, in order to continue to be successful and sustainable in the future
  • Analyse how you as a student / pair can ensure you develop leadership and innovation qualities in your studies, career, and life beyond graduation
  • Write your analysis in a 2,500-words report (maximum), fully referenced, and ensuring your report is creative and visually engaging (images, tables, charts, graphs, links), as well as full of academic analysis.
  • Each pair member must contribute equally.

The pair report should therefore be structured similarly to this:

  • Introduction: Background and introduction to Gore-Tex, its performance, and its industry / sector rivals (approx 250 words / 10%)
  • Main Body: Using theories, models, and examples, analyse:
    • how Gore-Tex has synthesised its leadership and innovation processes, in order to be successful (approx 1,000 words / 40%)
    • how Gore-Tex’s leaders can enable Gore-Tex to continue to innovate and be successful and sustainable in the future (approx 1,000 words / 40%)
  • Conclusion: how a student can ensure they develop leadership and innovation qualities in their studies, career, and life beyond graduation (approx 250 words / 10%)
  • References / bibliography (Harvard style)

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