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Modern Communication: An Introduction

Communication is the process of sharing our ideas, thoughts, opinions, understanding and facts. It can be simply referred to as transmission of information from one individual to other or to group of people or it could be among several groups of individuals. Communication can be broadly divided into two categories namely verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication holds a major part for communicating our ideas to people. There are various aspects of communication, i.e. it could be done at professional level or at a personal level. Verbal communication is an important aspect in maintaining any organisation as an integrated unit. Over a period of time there has been a huge advancement in the communication technology to bring in tools that can enhance communication among people. These modern communication tools have made communication possible among people sitting at far off places. There was probably a time when people had to wait for days to receive reply from someone but advancement in modern technology has brought a boon for the organisations, business enterprises and other institutions worldwide.

Modern communication tools:

Different forms of communication facilitated by modern technology and tools include-

  • Social Media – Direct Message (DM)
  • Instant Message (IM)
  • Email marketing
  • Voice calling
  • Video chat
  • Video marketing
  • Live web chat

Advantages of modern communication tools:

  • Make the transfer of information speedy and efficient at the same time
  • Widely available and easily accessible
  • Easy to operate

Enhancement in professional communication through modern tools

Traditional modes of communication are not sufficient enough to meet the ever increasing demand for communication and transmission of information in businesses, educational institutions and organisations. Development of modern communication tools in the past few decades have made it possible for business enterprises to expand and grow exponentially and hence complying with the need of interaction among employees. Communication between people across the world is facilitated by electronic transmission of information. Modern technology relies on computer for sharing of information between people.  Computer is a device made up of electrical and electromechanical components. Wide range of communication channels enabling sharing of data among individuals include telephone lines, coaxial cables, switched lines, optical fiber transmission, radio transmission, infrared transmission, microwave transmission, laser transmission etc.

Oral or voice media in electronic forms include-voice’ mail, audio tape and video tele-conferencing and video conferencing, close circuit television, instant message etc. It has made collaborations within several organisations possible by making the process of exchange of information between employees efficient and effective. As compared to earlier times when there was no digital workplace, growth of businesses and industries was limited due to limits in the processes of exchange of information. But due to advancement in tools of communication, there are no boundaries to enhance businesses across several countries.

The development of private hubs viz. intranets that can be accessed by authorised users in an organisation have become common. The main objective of intranets is sharing of news related to company and are helpful in cultivating an information rich environment within the industry. Even the ability to personalize home-page news feeds for an employee belonging to a particular department so that he sees news relevant to his subject make this system more efficient. Furthermore, intranets facilitate fast sharing of information between colleagues working at different locations, thus further enhancing the benefits of modern communication.

Video conferencing is a boon to business industry as they are used frequently to conduct meetings and conferences among big business houses for carrying out various important deals. Direct messaging through social media (e.g. facebook messenger) is not considered formal in business communications and should be used only when the customer or the other colleague (sender) has chosen this route for communicating. Indirect messaging through whatApp is also used frequently in educational institutions and other social organisations for transmission of information among individuals. However, indirect messaging being an informal means of communication should be avoided in business interactions.

Enhancement in personal communication through modern tools

Modern tools of communication viz. cell phones, emails, video conferencing, voice calls through internet facility etc. have made it possible for the family members to interact with each other even if they are not at the same place. Students studying abroad can now interact with their parents which do not make them feel lonely at those places, hence keeping the personal interactions intact and growing from distant locations also. Video chats enable the parents to notice the facial expressions as well as body language of their children which keeps them connected even through non-verbal means of communication also. Sharing of images through whatsApp also make people feel interconnected with each other.

Not just that in earlier times close and distant relatives could not interact much with each other being at far off places, but modern communication tools viz. cell phones, video chats through skype via laptops have helped in keeping those interactions still grooming with love and affection. Although modern communication tools have made interactions between people easy and effective, over-utilization of these tools can somewhere have disadvantages also. The tendency to always use cell phones in order to remain connected with friends and sometimes strangers has made it difficult for people to focus and appreciate the presence of people sitting in front of them. Using these devices beyond a limit can also have serious impact on our health also.

In addition, people associated with big business enterprises also get addicted to the use of internet, emails and social media. They cannot resist themselves from checking their phones or emails from time to time thus leading to decreased focus and concentration. The best way to overcome the limitations of digital workplace is self-control and maintaining a proper discipline while using these devices for personal and professional use. Unnecessary use of these devices for communicating even when meetings can be arranged in person should be avoided as this can lead to ineffectiveness of these tools in establishing strong interactions among individuals. Hence these modern tools with extraordinary advantages should be used wisely for achieving maximum benefit out of them.

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