Module Code: MPM7006

Module Title: Project Management Innovations

Assessment title : Individual Poster

Task/assessment brief:

A successful product creates value for the customer and value for the company, and a successful project delivers the product under conditions of novelty, uncertainty and risk.  It is, therefore, essential that the firm understands both the benefits and challenges associated with the development of both project and product.

The student is tasked with identifying an existing organisation and proposing a new product for them to develop through a project.  Use relevant concepts, theories and tools from this module to discuss the challenges, risks and opportunities for the firm in taking on this project.

The proposal will be presented using infographic tools to help create both a visually interesting and informative poster.  NB. You may be asked to explain your poster’s content.

  1. Posters are visual presentations. The work should be a digital format using either PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint) or PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) file.

Relevant reading and materials to support these assessments are provided in the Module handbook available on Moodle. Remember to evidence wide-ranging academic and professional materials

Posters will be submitted digitally conforming to the following specification is:

  • Posters must be in A1 dimensions (841mm x 594mm). They can be in either landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Your poster must be legible from a distance of 1m. Arial 24 would be the minimum size of font recommended.
  • Posters must be submitted as PPT(Microsoft PowerPoint) or PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) files.
  • Your poster mustdisplay your name, number and poster title.
  • The poster should avoid jargon and technical language where possible. Any technical terms should always be explained.


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