Subject Code: NSB102

Subject Module: Professional Practice and Cultural Safety

Assessment Task 3

Length: Total: 2000 words; +/- 10%

Task Description:

Drawing on relevant items from the required weekly reading program for this unit, the resources detailed below in the questions  and further research, you will undertake an analysis of the Australian Health Care System following the detailed steps below.

The questions consider the principles of person-centered care, cultural safety, and professional codes relevant to regulatory requirements of the nursing profession.

The assignment includes an analysis of the impact of socio-political issues on health and of consumers’ experience of health services by considering the impact of dominant values, assumptions and processes shaping health care in Australia.

Learning outcomes assessed:

1.    Apply knowledge of regulatory requirements and ethical and practice standards that underpin the nursing profession and explain how they relate to the provision of person-centred care.

2. Apply knowledge of historical, social, and political issues to explain the socio-political context of healthcare and the impact of these structures on human health and consumer experiences of health systems.

3. Identify and analyse the dominant values, assumptions, and processes that shape health systems, care delivery models, and nursing practice in Australia.


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