SUBJECT: Community Health Care in Nursing and Midwifery Practice

Contemporary Topic: Role of the Community Nurse

Ass 2: Contemporary Topic:

Population/ Community Groups.

  • Group 1: An Aboriginal Community in the Kimberly region
  • Group 2: A community health service that supports the elderly in their homes.
  • Group 3: A school health nurse working in a high school in a rural area.
  • Group 4: A refugee community living in Western Australia,


A community health assessment

Task description:

‘Good nursing practice is based on evidence and assessment. A community health assessment is a means to providing the evidence to guide community nursing practice’.

Guzys, D., Brown, R., Halcomb, E. & Whitehead, D. (Eds.). (2021). An introduction to community and primary health care. (3rd ed.). Cambridge University Press.

You are a community health nurse working in ONE of the above areas of practice.

Write a 1400 word essay to describe and discuss your understanding of the principles and processes involved in performing a community health needs assessment for your chosen community.

In your discussion it will be necessary to consider the following: epidemiological data; health issues; social determinants as well as the identified community needs.

Process and Protocols to assist with development of your essay:

  • Provide a brief introduction to the structure and focus of your paper.
  • Using epidemiological data describe your selected population/community. Data might include ( age, gender location etc.). This can then be compared to mainstream data ( comparative data) to provide context and meaning.
  • Outline and discuss the health issues that are common to your chosen population. i.e. Chronic diseases, infectious diseases, childhood conditions. It is not necessary to discuss the pathology or signs and symptoms of the diseases.
  • Outline social determinants of health that relate to the chosen community/population. It is necessary to discuss at least three to demonstrate ‘why’ your population is at risk of experiencing the health issues that it does from a social health perspective.
  • From the data provided identify three community health needs that would assist you to “promote, support and create a healthier community” ( Guzys et al., 2021). P173.

The submitted work will include:

  1. Title: State your chosen population/community
  2. Introduction:
  3. Demographics:
  4. Health Issues:
  5. Social Determinants of Health:
  6.  Identified needs
  7. Conclusion.
  8. An End Text reference list.

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