Module Code: NUR2101

Module Subject: Chronic Care Across the Lifespan

Rationale for Part A

The case study analysis forms the background and research leading to the creation of a Patient Information Resource. Through this assessment students will demonstrate an understanding of chronic illness across the lifespan and the impact on the individual, family, and community. Students will also have the opportunity to consider, through the assignment, the needs of culturally diverse, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups with chronic conditions.

Case study

Leslie Tindale is 67 years old. She is an elder of the Wakka Wakka people and lives near Cherbourg in southeast Queensland north west of Brisbane. Leslie had smoked cigarettes most of her adult life and five years ago was diagnosed with COPD. Leslie also suffers mild asthma, which she has had since a teenager. Leslie lives with her husband, she has three adult children, each have children of their own. For the past three years Leslie has contracted pneumonia each winter and has taken longer to recover each time. Leslie has been released from hospital following her fourth episode of pneumonia last week and she remains on oral antibiotics at this time. You are seeing Leslie as an Indigenous Respiratory Outreach Care (IROC) nurse in the Cherbourg Regional Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Health Services (CRAICCHS).

What you need to include in your essay:

  • Identify both the chronic diseases and the presenting conditions.
  • Succinctly describe the pathophysiology and symptoms, associated with all of the chronic diseases and the presenting conditions.
  • Provide a brief outline of the relevant diagnostic and ongoing tests (e.g. blood tests, vital signs, x-rays, physiotherapy), associated with the patient’s chronic and presenting conditions.
  • Outline two (2) potential problems (complications) associated with the chronic disease only.
  • Briefly outline the psychosocial developmental, cultural and health literacy considerations for the person in your case study. Developmental theorists have been identified in the modules on the StudyDesk, you are encouraged to use your recommended texts and library resources.
  • Describe three (3) priorities of nursing management for the patient’s chronic and presenting conditions. These may include nursing interventions/ nursing assessment, and/ or pharmacological /nonpharmacological management and/ or self-management.


Presentation of Essay (Penalties will apply if these conventions are not adhered to.)

  1. Reference according to USQ APA 7th Ed.
  2. The reference list is not included in the word count however in text citations and headings are included. 2. Use Size 12 Time New Roman font in an appropriate writing style.
  3. An introduction and conclusion are also required.
  4. Dot points, tables and images are not to be included in the essay. Academic writing style is expected for this part of the assessment.
  5. No front cover sheet is required to be submitted.


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