Module Code: NUR341

Module Subject: Health Ageing

Assessment 3 instructions:

You are working in a general practice (GP) clinic as a registered nurse. Your next patient is Mr Alexander Kumar and his Wife Sarah. Alexander is 85 years of age and is the main carer for his wife who has dementia. Alex has not attended the clinic for himself in over 3 years, but normally attends with his wife for regular check-ups.

When Alex and Sarah arrive, you notice that Alex is limping and both Alex and Sarah look underweight. You also notice that both their clothes look a little dirty, which is unusual for them. When you read their medical file, you note that they have no services in place and their children all live interstate. When you ask Alex, what has brought him in, he tells you he has a wound on his leg which he has been dressing at home for three months, but it is not getting better. Alex tells you he hasn’t seen a doctor about his leg earlier as he can no longer drive and finds it difficult to catch public transport with his wife, who sometimes becomes agitated and upset.


2000 words +/- 10% (excluding references)  Markers will stop reading at the maximum allowable word count


At least 5 high quality, current resources (published within the last 5 years), integrated in CDU APA 7th style


Refer to Alex and Sarah case and answer the following questions:

  1. Aged care services and interdisciplinary care (750 words)

Identify and discuss TWO aged care services and TWO interdisciplinary referrals that you would make as a registered nurse to promote Alex and Sarah independence. Provide a rationale for the services you have selected and link this to the case study.


  1. Medication management (750 words)

Examining the patient’s medication history answer the following questions:

  1. The older person is vulnerable to adverse drug events. Identify and describe Three factors in the case study increase the risk of an adverse drug event.
  2. Choose TWO medications and describe what the 1. indication for each medication and 2. any potential complications that Alex may experience while taking this medication.
  3. Two nursing actions or health promotion you would implement to minimise adverse effects.


  1. Reflection (500 words)

Reflecting on the case study evaluate the impact of your own personal experiences and beliefs on how you would feel in this situation.


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