Module Code: NUR3605

Module Subject: Nursing Leadership, Governance and Culture

Assessment number and type: Assessment 1 – Essay

words: 1750 words

For this assessment you are required to demonstrate your knowledge of:

  • The principals and models of clinical governance in the Australian health care setting (LO 1 & 4).
  • Relate how organisational culture, leadership and management can impact the efficacy of governance models (LO 3 & 5).

Part A: Discuss the key governance structures that influence and regulate the delivery of safe health care in Australian hospitals. (Approximately 1000 words).

In your discussion consider the influence of the following on clinical governance in Australia.

  • International, national, and local policy
  • The Australian Safety and Quality Framework for Health
  • Clinical Frameworks
  • Clinical practice standards
  • Nursing practice standards

Part B: Examine the role of organisational culture, leadership and management has in ensuring compliance with governance structures (Approximately 750 words).

In your discussion consider the influence of the following:

  • Leadership styles
  • Management styles
  • Effect of culture on safety
  • Effect of culture on patient outcomes
  • Effect of culture on staffing

Introduction: should include

  • An introduction to your topic
  • Highlight the main issues
  • Include a statement that outlines the structure and purpose of the paper.
  • Include research parameters

Content: In this area it is necessary to present the topics relevant to the paper.

Discussion is supported by your learning, your research and knowledge of your professional responsibilities.

Critical Thinking: Exploration of the topic (clinical governance & leadership) and relevant evidence-based information to support your discussion

  • Research: Journal articles, texts, theoretical knowledge.
  • Presentation of resources (evidence based).
  • Appraise, analyse, compare and discuss the topic applying your theoretical and research knowledge.
  • Application to practice e.g. client centre care
  • Professional responsibilities.

Structure and presentation:

  • As per the assignment requirements and the SNM guidelines.
  • Clear introduction to the topic.
  • Well defined sentence structure and paragraph formation leading to a cohesive development and comprehensive discussion of ideas.


  • Wind up of your paper by restating your introductory statement.
  • Restate your main ideas
  • DO NOT introduce new ideas.


Work must be both In and End text referenced using APA 7th edition format. The essay requires a minimum of ten (10) quality citations (peer reviewed) journals, (not more than 7 years old), academic texts and quality web sites i.e.: Government (NOT Wikipedia).


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