Module: NURS1582

Module Title: Recognising and managing individual needs

Guidance: The coursework assessment for this Level 5 Module will be completed through two components: (a) An oral case presentation based on a pre-determined case scenario (80%), (b) A written annotated reference list (20%).

  • An oral presentation based on a pre-determined case scenario (80%): Using the relevant field specific case scenario, students will record a 15-minute oral power point case presentation which identifies the need of the individual, how these can be met taking into account issues of capacity & consent. The power point will consist of no more than 12 slides and students will include the following:
    • A brief background of the individual based on the information presented in the selected pre-determined case scenario
    • The identification of the needs of the individual
    • Selecting 3-5 of the needs, of which one is to be related to the risk of self-harm, suicide or abuse, students will discuss how these needs could be met through evidence-based interventions, justifying the involvement of other professionals and their role within this.
    • Issues of capacity and consent will need to be discussed
    • Discussion about how the student will work in a person-centred way with the individual during this process
    • Slides will need to be underpinned by a range of relevant references using the Harvard Referencing system.

The presentation and recording could be completed via Office 365 PowerPoint (see attached guide) or via Teams. The final recording should be downloaded as an MP4 file and uploaded to Turnitin.

  • A written annotated reference list (20%): Students will complete a reference list using the references from their oral case presentation and justify their use.
    • Students will select 10 relevant references from the citations used in the case presentation and complete detailed reference list, using Harvard Style referencing.
    • For each reference, students will write 100-150 words justifying the rational for use of the evidence (usefulness of the evidence in meeting patient need) and linking it to the relevant module learning outcome(s)
    • Students need to ensure that references are recent and relevant to interventions and other relevant areas


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