Operational Impact Analysis of Marks & Spencer

This analysis determines the operational loss impacts. The different factors that cause unexpected loss. The risk can be associated with system failures, disruptive markets, human error, inadequate controls or procedures, and so on. Marks & Spencer has a strong supplier base and has been a sustainable retailer. According to the scorecard of sustainability, it seeks to improve the food supply chain through focusing on incentivising environmental, ethical sourcing, human resources and practices of lean manufacturing. M&S has to ensure that their positioning in the market is right and high as it has been in the minds of the customers.


As per the analysis the marketing segment of M&S has been strong yet it has a lot of scope in building its promotion through online mode. The objectives of M&S has to be clear as without clear goals planning of strategy is difficult. The performance can be measured through a scorecard based on the marketing strategies implemented. There were many constraints as well in marketing when monitored. Internal constraints are the availability of resources while external constraints include the business environment and include external alliances like customers, stakeholders, economy, law and competitors. They have to consider establishing themselves as diversified and improved brands. They also have to focus on creating a multi-faced supply chain. The product lines of M&S increasing with emerging and differing needs of customers. Understanding customers and capturing the potential market is important to sustain within the competitors.

Human Resources:

The operational impact analysis is also done in the HR admin department. It starts from analysing manpower, ensuring employee benefits and increasing efficiency. The scorecard also reflects the performance of employees on basis of their performance outcomes and productivity. If any loopholes are identified then bridging the gas is also important. They have to ensure a positive relationship between each level of management starting from suppliers, consumers, employees concerning their brand name. Also ensuring a stable working environment they observed 65% or above on positive employee feedback. They have to supervise on training and development of the employees to have better output. The individual need of the employees has to be considered to reduce the risk of employee turnover and increase retention level so providing great attention to each employee of the organisation. Employer branding is also important for the company to create a positive reputation among the candidates and the employees associated. The scorecard would also observe the level of resource utilisation as being in the retail sector monitoring each line of operations is important to ensure smooth flow of products and that employees are communicated for each change or process. With Covid managing the human resources has become more critical to keep the functioning of each operation ongoing without any hindrance. The risk imposed is on salary cuts, or lack of growth opportunity in covid times should not affect M&S overall business. M&S has been maintaining a diversified culture transforming its organisational design. They had renovated their workplaces to empower employees. Also, improved the overall processes of the organisation and UK retail specifically. They launched different programmes to have an engaging culture. So that the employees can give opinions with extensive collaboration and employees don’t feel outward. M&S observed 81% of employees enjoy working with them. It is successful with different strategies implemented to make the organisation employee-centric.


To keep sustaining and profitability in the market M&S should pursue an expansion strategy by exploring opportunities in foreign or overseas markets as in the UK they are in maturity stage if observed through the industry life cycle. Increasing cost, competitors, declining sales are some of the challenges that they are facing. So they should utilise their resources at maximum efficiency to address these challenges.



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