You are required to produce an E-portfolio of Five documents (word format) which will demonstrate your
learning from the module in relation to:

i. The cultural and behavioural expectations of studying for a degree in business management.
ii. The importance of peer-to-peer support and team working to enhance learning experience.
iii. How this learning (in i and ii) will impact further studies and your future career.
iv. How you will practise and apply what you have learnt; and
v. A personal audit presented as a SWOT analysis

E-Portfolio-CPD PLAN/SWOT Analysis.
Area of Learning


Reflection of Learning


Future Implications







Cultural and behavioural expectations of studying for a degree in business management


Culture is something that is highly significant in every form of society. It is needed for the people to be culturally aware. Before being enrolled in this course, I only had a knowledge that it is important for everyone to respect and acknowledge the other cultures.  I have always read about being culturally active and aware in the professional field of life so that there is no form of discrimination in the workplace. However, after getting enrolled in this course, I realised that my views towards cultural awareness are highly streamlined. My understanding and perspective regarding the cultural awareness and behavioural standards has been broadened. I have also learnt most the people view the relationships, ageing process, attitude towards other people along with environment in a different way. While being a part of the course, I got a chance to make new set of friends from varied ethnic background. The difference of cultural perspective among people is mainly due to difference in place. This is because their cultural background is distinct. It is highly needed for every person to understand the real meaning of being culturally aware as this will help him to meet new person and then communicate with them. Before up-taking this course, it was mandatory for me to understand culture as costumes and characteristics of the people. I always felt that there are certain beliefs that make the people culturally distinct from each other. During my childhood days, I understood that the festivities and the culturally enriched programs are the main source in which the differences of culture are felt. However, as I grew old, I came across several books and articles that gave me a wider view of culture. In this course, I not only learnt about business management but also got to have a enriched view of culture. The course has helped me to develop a conduct that is professional and this has aided me to maintain a beneficial relationship with peers and teachers. I found this behaviour highly beneficial and therefore I am looking forward to implement these in the professional life in workplace. As I feel that I am suitable for working in any marketing and sales department, therefore, this professional conduct will help me to maintain a good relationship with all the clients and the staffs of the workplace. These are the lessons that helped me to understand the required things to effectively work in a team. When it is needed for me to communicate with different people from varied cultures, then I believe that the lessons that are learnt by me regarding culture will help to have an effective communication in the workplace. Thus, I can be considerate to the people from various cultural background. There are several lessons that are learnt by me in this course and in order to put these lessons into action, I need to make sure that I arrive my workplace within the stipulated time. If I start visiting office in the correct time, then it is easier for me to finish the tasks within the deadline. From the lessons, i have learnt regarding the different cultural expectations of people and therefore, I will act according to the expectations of the co-workers. It is important for a person to treat others with respect and therefore, I promise that I will be treating everyone with utmost respect. I have learnt that a person should never judge the other person and this is something that I will implement during my work in any organisation. This will also help me to show a professional behaviour to the other people. Respecting and treating every person equally are the key measures to be taken by me.
The importance of peer-to-peer support and team working to enhance learning experience



From the childhood days, we are being taught that actual learning occurs only from the elder persons like teachers and parents. This is one of the lessons that are engraved quite deep within the soul. Therefore, when I enrolled in this course, I had a belief that the main learning process will occur from the teachers or the mentors of the course. However, when my learning journey started, I found out that not only the teachers help us to learn new topics and concepts, but also a great part of the learning process happens in presence of peer groups. It is important for every person to understand the qualities that are present in the peer groups so that the level of learning can be enhanced. It is believed by me that my peers are equally knowledgeable and therefore, there is nothing new that can be learnt by me from them. However, once the commencement of the course occurred, I could see that there are several areas that the peers know more than me and therefore, it is proved that we can learn a lot from the fellow students. The lessons that can be learnt from the peers not only included the concepts from course, but also various soft skills like leadership, time management, communication skills, etc. Even in many classes, the supervisor of the course admitted that he got to learn a lot of new ideas from the students. Therefore, it can be mentioned that the peer-to-peer support is one of the most constructive form of learning as there is a constant exchange of various ideas that enrich the quality of learning. This system is typically accompanied by unofficial student feedback, which is viewed positively by other students. Constructive criticism is also made easier when people are friends with one another. I have learnt from the per-to-peer learning is important. I have volunteered in this peer-to-peer learning sessions and this has aided me to understand the different concepts in the easiest manner possible. There are times when the juniors may find it difficult to approach the older people and these are the times that peers can help these people. This type of learning is not only effective in the normal academic setting, but also effective when applied in the professional ground. Whenever a person is having peers who are well educated and are having a high level of knowledge, it becomes easier for the person to strive in the workplace. This is because he feels that there is a constant form of support present in the vicinity. This will also help me to make friends in the workplace and the entire work environment can be easier and productive for me. One of the things that is most important in any phase of life is respect towards the co-workers and peers. I must be having enough respect for my peers in order to build a friendly behaviour. This is one of the key measures that any person should take as it enhances the level of productivity in the workplace. Any person in my vicinity who is showing a high level of compassion and empathy for the fellow worker will be receiving appreciation as this is one of the most common forms of engaging in a productive conversation with the peers. I have also understood that I should be treating my fellow workers as knowledgeable ones and not subjects. This will help me to open a gateway of learning and support from the peers. I will also try to comprehend the exact interpretation of the body language of the peers.

Student’s personal strengths in relation to learning


Student’s personal weaknesses in relation to learning.


Identified opportunities on gaining skills and degree


Threats envisaged in relation to student’s attainment of opportunities

SWOT Analysis      

  • I feel that my communication skill is appropriate as I am having a fluency in English. I can speak as well as write well in this language.
  • I have realised while handling a team during project that there is certain level of leadership skills as well as management skills present within me.
  • I believe myself to be an inquisitive learner which makes me capable for any career.
  • Diversified culture is my priority.

  • I usually had my classes during the early morning hours and most of the time I used to face problems in managing time. This means that I have a low time management skill.
  • I find difficulty in analysing topics in a rapid pace and this makes me realise that I have a poor critical thinking skill.
  • Not being able to take criticisms properly is a major weakness and stops me to excel.

  • As I have poor interpersonal skills, therefore I feel that being available for the people from varied background will help me to enhance my interpersonal skills.
  • In today’s world, there are short term courses for people to enhance a large number of soft skills like time management, public speaking, communication skills, and critical thinking skills. I would avail such short-term courses to enhance the type of skills that I lack.

  • Education has become one of the basic needs of the people and this is enhancing the level of education in the workforce. Thus, the level of competition is also increasing making it difficult for people to thrive in the organisations.
  • Technology is one of the most important part of the world and therefore, I need to be aware of the technological advances.
  • Misinterpretations are more likely to occur in diversified workplaces and this is severe threat.

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