PBHL20001 Assessment 1 – Written Assignment

The first assessment task is a written assignment of about 1000 words that you will complete on an individual basis. For this assignment, you will choose one of the topics from the list below and write about its significance in Public Health. The assignment will require some very focused research, so it is important to begin early and seek help from the Academic Learning Centre or advice from your lecturer or tutor if you need it.

The topics for this assignment are:

1.      The recognition of AIDS as a new disease;

2.      The spread of dengue into northern Australia;

3.      The identification of metabolic syndrome;

4.      The development of mRNA vaccine technology;

5.      The use of telehealth in providing health care;

6.      The ‘Health in All Policy’ approach to governance;

7.      The rise of ‘Dr Google’ (use of the internet to research and self-diagnose health issues by members of the public);

8.      Social distancing as an approach to disease control;

9.      The recognition of Zika virus as a new disease;

10.   The emergence of Hendra virus in Australia;

11.   Chronic fatigue syndrome as a recognized condition;

12.   The development of CRISPR technology and its implications for population health;

13.   The use of telehealth in providing health care;

14.   The ‘Health in All Policy’ approach to governance;

15.   Unintended mental health impacts of lockdown as a form of disease control;

16.   Legionnaires’ disease and the built environment.

Each of these topics is a fairly new phenomenon. For your chosen topic, you will need to research the scholarly literature as well as information available from organizations like the AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) to understand the background of your topic. However, you are not to write about the clinical aspects of the topic. Your assignment must address the following issues in separate sections:

1) Introduction — outlines the issue and gives an indication of its Public Health significance; this section must include the population affected or at risk, if relevant;

2) Public Health Implications – describes how has your topic affected thinking and practice in the field of Public Health and what are some important issues that came to attention because of your topic;;

3) Historical Context – discusses how your topic fits into the Public Health context that came before and the broader history of Public Health;

4) Future Context– discusses your personal view on the future of your topic and how you believe it will change or affect Public Health thinking and practice into the future.

This assignment must be written in a formal, academic style (not first person) and must be fully referenced. Harvard referencing is preferred for this unit. You will need to have BOTH in text references and a complete, properly formatted reference list. If you need help with referencing, please consult the ALC as soon as possible.


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