PBHL20003 Literature Review

Word count: 1,800 words (+/- 10%) excluding references

Task description

The literature review provides an overview of the social epidemiological aspects of your topic that you chose for Assessment 2. It summarises broad trends in the literature on your topic and highlights important points in selected articles. The review task includes:

  1. Outlining the relevant social, environmental and economic contexts that relate to your condition and discuss the factors that influence those contexts.
  2. Critiquing previous national and international epidemiological data and research with a particular emphasis on the gaps that may exist in our understanding of the impact of social factors on your condition.
  3. Considering the relevance of the reported statistics and findings to advocating for health promotion and disease prevention in public health practice.

This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment: you may not work together with your classmates to write the review.

The literature review is due in the last week of Term. However, your preparation should commence at Week 1 to familiarize yourself with the Library and its academic databases, how to conduct literature searches, select material and structure your Review. The University library and CQU Student Learning Support provide online guides and individual sessions; and workshops on academic writing, academic integrity and referencing. You also have access to resources such as Studiosity.

Choosing the literature to include in your assignment is important. Only peer-reviewed scholarly material should be used. You need to note various views and approaches contained in the literature and to choose works to include without bias or preconceived ideas. Journal articles are often more relevant than books due to the long lead time between the writing and publication of books and because journals are often the forum where the latest thinking on a topic appears.

Assessment criteria:

  • Selection of relevant, current and appropriate items from the scholarly literature: 20%
  • Thorough and accurate summary and critique of the selected literature: 20%
  • Discussion of social, economic, and environmental context and the factors that influence them: 20%
  • Presentation of various views represented in the literature and discussion of their strengths and weaknesses: 20%
  • Use of clear, concise language and linear presentation of argument: 10%
  • All work submitted is the student’s original words and ideas and all information from sources is properly cited, including direct quotations: 10%

Referencing style: Harvard (author-date). See the referencing guide


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