Module Code: PGBM146

Module Subject: Value Creation In Organisations

Managing Operations And Marketing A case study for Tony’s Chocolonely

Subject: Individual Case Study

Word count: 3,000

You have been requested to produce a critical analysis in the form of a case study for Tony’s Chocolonely, a Dutch confectionary company claiming to overcome modern day slavery in the cocoa industry by maintaining an open chain.

The report must comprise of two parts Part A and Part B.

Part A must present an overview of the company’s business operations. Based on your research you must identify through a critical discussion the strengths and potential risks for Tony’s Chocolonely.

In Part B, you must do an in-depth analysis of the company’s market position by critically reviewing the marketing mix to recommend marketing strategies.

In this report you must answer all the questions under Part A and Part B explained in the following sections. You are encouraged to consider contemporary issues to supplement your critical review of Tony’s Chocolonely.

Part A – (Total of 45% marks)

Based on your analysis of the operations of Tony’s Chocolonely:

  1. Discuss in detail the objectives and constraints of the business operations (e.g. production processes) utilised referring also to the specific variables and attributes involved. (20% marks)
  2. Consider the topics covered under operations management (week 1 to 10), examine these themes within the business to produce a critical analysis. You may select the themes based on its applicability to Tony’s Chocolonely. (25% marks)

Indicative word count for part A: 1,500 words

Part B – (Total of 45% marks)

Based on your analysis prepare a report covering the following:

  1. Carry out a situational market analysis for Tony’s Chocolonely to assess the current market position of the business. (25% marks)
    • Based on the topics covered from week 1 to 10 select the appropriate tools, models and frameworks that would allow you to carry out a situational analysis of the business (e.g. macro analysis, micro analysis, internal analysis, portfolio analysis, etc).
      • Such analyses would be placed in the Appendices rather than the main report.
      • The main report should refer the appropriate application of the tools, models and frameworks attached the appendices.
    • In your main report, critically discuss the points you feel to have the biggest impact upon the organisation – both positive and negative to form a critical discussion surrounding the challenges and opportunities faced by the business.
  1. Consider the points you feel to be most crucial to the organisation and make marketing recommendations off the back of the situational analysis you have carried out. These recommendations should be specific, logical and have justification as to why you are making these recommendations, and what expected positive effects it would have on the organisation. (20% marks)

Indicative word count for part B: 1,500 words.

  1. Report structure and format – (10% marks)


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