Module Code: PGMB136

Module Title: International Human Resource Management Assessment

Word Count 3,500 (+-10%)


With reference to appropriate models, theories, frameworks and academic literature, you are required to select two of the following 4 questions and provide answers in the form of a report in not more than 3, 500 words.

  1. The influence of ‘‘culture shock’’ in international human resource management and its impacts on expatriate workers are well-known. Critically analyse and discuss how multinational corporations (MNCs) can limit its effects on staff for return on investment (ROI)?
  2. Identity and critically discuss the benefits of motivating expatriate workers in global business environment, as well as how this can lead to competitive advantage for MNCs?
  3. Institutions are crucially important in protecting workers’ right. Critically examine the roles played by supranational institutions in protecting expatriate workers’ rights and wellbeing as well as shaping employee voice in the workplace?
  4. The concept of globalisation is fundamental to organisational success in international human resource management. Critically identify and examine its impact on MNCs’ organisational effectiveness during expatriation?


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