Module Code: PS2SX1

Module Subject: Project Management

Task 1The project planning tools & techniques 

  • Identify, discuss & illustrate (diagrammatically): –
    • Work Based Structures / Activity Lists
    • Networks / CPM / CPA
      • Activity on an Arrow (AoA) & Activity on a Node (AoN)
      • The component parts of a network / CPA
    • Gantt Charts
      • (‘Rough-cut’ Gant chart)
    • Resource allocation / Histogram
      • (‘Rough-cut Histogram)

Task 2 – The methods by which a project manager could manage the resources (i.e. people) in a project in order to make more efficient and effective use of that resource (people).

  • Focus here on ‘Project Smoothing’ as the 1st approach to delivering the most ‘efficient & effective use’ of people as a resource in a project. Why is smoothing as the 1st approach?
    • Show in comparison to the ‘rough-cut’ Gantt chart how to ‘smoot’ a Gantt chart to attain its best effect by focusing on the ‘slack’ or ‘float’ activities only.
      • Avoid the critical path activities when ‘smoothing’ – why?
    • If ‘project smoothing’ does NOT provide the most ‘efficient and effective’ outcomes, then what other alternatives does the project manager have to attain the most efficient & effective use of people in the project and why? For example: –
      • Overtime
      • Shifts
      • Borrowing people from other projects and / or recruitment
      • Sub-contracting
    • What is the cost / time (or cost / benefit) ‘trade-offs’ or implications of these other alternative options if used?

Task 3 – What is meant by ‘project crashing’ and how can this approach be used in manging projects effectively?

  • Define what is meant by ‘project crashing’ and how, when & why might it occur in a project?
  • Briefly, what is the main difference between ‘project crashing’ & ‘project smoothing’?
  • What activities in the project do we target when ‘project crashing’?
  • What tactics / strategies might we apply to ‘crash the project’ & why?
    • Overtime
    • Shifts
    • Recruitment
    • Sub-contracting


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