Health Policy and Advocacy

Report: Australian Health Policy Review

Length: 2,000 words (+/–10%)

learning outcomes:

  1. a)  Critically analyse different theories and approaches to policy agenda setting to understand health policy formulation and advocacy for a specific population health issue;
  2. b)  Critically analyse issues in contemporary Australian health care policy, including the evaluation of global influences on Australian health policy;
  3. c)  Critically analyse and reflect on political and ethical issues in the formulation of evidence-based policy and its translation into real-world policy application;
  4. d)  Evaluate the role of government and other stakeholders in the processes for ensuring the accountability for health policy and advocating for change.

Assessment Task :

In this assessment, you will select an Australian strategic level federal or state health policy to critically review. You will write a 2,000-word (+/–10%) report that identifies the main concepts within the policy and relate these concepts back to Kingdon’s (2011) multiple streams theory. Based on the latest evidence you will then make recommendations for future policy development.

Please refer to the Task Instructions (below) for details on how to complete this task.


As a future public health professional. you will be expected to keep up to date with policy developments in your area of interest (e.g., child health). It is important that you understand what a policy is, the main concepts that comprise a strategic level health policy and how policy theory interacts with the formulation of these important documents.

In this assessment, you will learn how to effectively search for a contemporary state or federal health policy relating to a specific issue or population group. You will learn how to review policies from the perspective of the theories and concepts that should inform their formulation. You will also learn how to formulate evidence-based policy recommendations to improve health policy outcomes.


To complete this task, you must select a public health topic or population group of interest and conduct a search of Australia federal and/or state websites to find a relevant policy to review. Your policy selection needs to be approved by your learning facilitator.

Once your policy is approved, you will perform a policy review that includes the following components:

  • An introduction.
  • A definition of policy as per the core course readings.
  • Details of the search strategy and criteria used to select your area of interest and chosen health policy to review, including any challenges.
  • A description of each of the key policy elements (see list below) and an application of Kingdon’s multiple streams theory (including the problem, policy and political streams; policy stakeholders and/or policy entrepreneurs and if applicable, the window of opportunity):
    • Ministerial forward;
    • Visionstatement;
    • Goals;
    • Objectives;
    • Strategies; and
    • Other concepts of interest.

Note: You must provide examples using relevant quotations from the policy.

  • Evidence-based recommendations that highlight further areas of consideration or improvement for future policy development. For example, consider:
    • What are the policy silences?
    • What is missing?
    • Is the ministerial forward and/or vision statement consistent with the strategies outlined in the policy?
  • Conclusions.


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