Module Code: NM503

Module Title: Public Health in Action (Mental Health)

CW1 – 2000 word count essay

Assignment task

The purpose of this assignment is to write a 2000 words essay based on how a Public Health concern of your choice is being addressed/managed in a specific UK location. The aim is for you to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of public health and health promotion theories, and to use your analytical thinking skills to evaluate their practical applications.

The essay is expected to be structured as follows:

1. Introduction (indicative word count 200-250 words)

In the introduction you are expected to include what the essay is about, how you understand the topic (e.g. context, background, key terms), what issues you will cover and in which order, and what conclusion you intend to reach.

2. Main Body (indicative word count 1500-1600 words)

The main body of the essay is where you fully develop the elements outlined in the introduction. In this part of your work you are expected to include:

    • An analysis of the public health concern in the specific UK location along with a critical examination and review of relevant health policy and its application to the public health concern and to health economics.
    • An analysis of initiatives/interventions that are in place to address/manage the public health concern along with a critical discussion of their theoretical basis (behavioural/health promotion theories/models).
    • A critical evaluation of the effectiveness of the identified initiatives/interventions to assess their impact on recognised adult health challenges.
    • An analysis of the mental nurse’s health educator and health promoter roles within the inter-professional team in relation to the public health concern along with a critical evaluation of the application of health promotion theories/models within these roles.

3. Conclusion (indicative word count 200-250 words)

In the conclusion you are expected to provide a summary of your key findings and bring your arguments to a well-reasoned, logical conclusion. Avoid introducing any new topics.

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