roles of personal selling, sales promotion and public relations in an international firm

Role of personals selling, sales promotion and public relations in an International firm

Personal selling, sales promotion and public relations are integral to the working of the international firm.

Role of Personal Selling in an International Marketing Campaign:

In Personal selling, there is one to one communication between the customer and the person associated with the selling of the product, service idea or it might be anything that you want to sell. This is opposite to the idea of impersonal communication in which products to be sold are advertised and promoted along with the use of other impersonal promotional tools. Personally contacting the prospective customer for promoting a particular item is a common practice under personal selling. Marketing a product via personal selling seems to be the most effective method of selling a product to the customer. In a time where every person wants their queries to be handled personally, personal selling can satisfy them. Moreover, there are always some kind of marketing barriers which can be overcome by personal communication only. There are various products whose sales success has been promoted via personal selling e.g. the sales of Super max shaving blades in London achieved a great success because they were sold through personal selling.

The efforts and hard work done by the sales people has a direct impact on the success of the new products that are introduced in the market. Not just that, it is a personal contact with the customer which helps in maintaining the position of existing products in the market. It also helps in the construction of facilities for manufacturing, opening of new business and making sure that it remains open and generation of sales orders which can further result in shipping of products to consumers worldwide. Besides, the feedback about the product as well as services offered by the company can be best achieved by personal communication with the customer. Further, grievances of the customer can be handled easily by this method. The firms which are unable to afford the costs behind advertising the product through media, personally selling the product becomes the best choice for them. The flexibility behind this method makes it more advantageous for the customer. Another significant feature of personally selling the product is the actual sale which is achieved via this marketing strategy. Advertisements are responsible for arousing desires in the public and attracting their attention towards the product. However, they do not ensure whether the product would be sold or the sale will get completed or not.

Role of Sales promotion in an International Marketing Campaign

G.W. Hopkins defines sales promotions as “an organised effort applied to the selling job to secure the greatest effectiveness for advertising and for dealer’s help.”

Sales promotion forms the elemental part of the international marketing campaigns. The short-term incentive tools which form the major part of the international marketing campaigns are designed in such a way that they can stimulate the purchase of a particular product or service. Even the good products do not receive a satisfactory response, if the efforts are not inclined in appropriate direction. Nowadays, sales promotion in an international firm is necessary as the number of brands and manufacturers are increasing resulting in increased competition in the market. Increased cost of advertising and decreased efficiency of advertising is also the reason behind the rise in the need of sales promotion in an international firm. Sales promotion works as a bridge between advertising and personal selling which are the two different sides of promotional strategies. For increasing the sales of the enterprise, such activities are conducted which attract both the distributors and consumers towards the goods and services offered by the company.

Role of Public relations in an International Marketing Campaign

While considering marketing strategies, the best way to develop solid online reputation is through building of public relations. Companies have always spent huge amount of effort and hard work to for maintaining their public relations and effective PR strategies. Not surprisingly, the more efficient the PR strategies opted by a company, the better are their returns. Public relations involve delivering of appropriate information (message) to the right place and to the right people. This results in the creation of a stronger reputation of the brand. Whether it is related to profits or the future of an enterprise, PR is the area worth investing time on. If the PR strategies are used appropriately, they can help the company to face and overcome any obstacle that they come across at any time. Further, credibility of the brand is increased by public relations.

Trust has always been an elemental part in determining the success of a business. Potential sales can remain on the table itself if there does not exist trust within the enterprise. For bridging the trust-gap between businesses and their prospective customers, somebody can be hired in public relations sector of the business. These experts further work on enhancing the credibility in the enterprise or business and thus helping in increasing the reputation of the same. Networking strategies, connections with influences and leadership pieces are the key to effective strategies that are undertaken by the public relation department for the benefit of the businesses.

PR has the ability to change the mind-set of the people towards what they actually think about a business. In this area of online services, people have been found to say anything about a business in public. There are good as well as bad things said about a business. The business has no control over this and they can do nothing about that as well. Many businesses can develop a wrong or bad reputation among the people even when they have not done anything wrong.  On the other hand, there are certain businesses which are not under the reach of their intended markets through online mode.  Both types of situations are not appropriate for a business. Without much worries, PR campaigns conducted by the PR department of a company can very well fix both types of problems arising in companies. Awareness regarding a brand is very well established by these campaigns and PR support.  In addition, this also creates a positive image of the brand among the consumers. Moreover, consumers or audiences always love to hear the information or message that they get from an objective source rather than from paid advertisements. The trust of the consumers can be gained very well by the PR agencies by leveraging their connections with the influencers.

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