Module Code: SCM060

Module Subject: Global Purchasing and Supply Management

Word count: not exceed 2,500 words (Weighted at 30% of final mark for the module)

Coursework Description:

Describe the following procurement and supply chain elements of a company of your choice. It can be your company or a company in which you would like to work in the future.

  1. Discuss the major uncertainties the company faces which would have significant impact on their purchasing and supply management activities? (25 marks)
  2. Make a recommendation on how the might company manage the impact of these uncertainties on its purchasing and supply management activities. (25 marks)
  3. Discuss the procurement and supply management practices that would help this company manage their suppliers effectively – you can also focus on a key supplier for this question – to further enhance competitiveness. What kind of levers can the company use to motivate and help suppliers improve their performance and align their goals with those of its own? (25 marks)
  4. Evaluate the supplier evaluation and selection process of the company, taking into consideration the industry context, the strategic priorities of the company, the supply market, and characteristics of its supply network? What suggestions would you make to improve it? (25 marks)

You may have an introduction, where you discuss the background of the company, for example, its product / market / industry background. A conclusion section can be used to add any other interesting points about its procurement and supply management.


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