SHN3013: Being Healthy in the Modern World


1. Define health (300 WORDS-use Only definitions from the World Health Organisation, Public Health England, or the National Health Service) Ensure that you reference your work

Health can be defined as the proper well-being of an individual’s physical, mental, and social state with the contrast of absence of disease or any casualties. It is the fundamental right of every well-being to enjoy it that too at its highest attainable standards, without any distinction towards caste, religion, race, social condition, economy, political beliefs, sex, etc. The fundamental right also includes that health is a prior attainable asset, which includes peace and security with the fullest cooperation of individuals and society. The health of any individual needs to be protected and if any misbalance can be promoted at any point. Sometimes in under developing countries, it has been observed that health issues aren’t being communicated or discussed that’s why it’s important that from a child to a youth to an adult need to understand the development of health and the ability to live harmoniously to change the environment of the society & can also be considered as a part of the countries development. People should forward their hands to benefit people through medical, psychological, or knowledgeable bits of help and opinions, which they can provide to attain fullest services towards health. The active corporation can help a person to utmost improve their health, as well as I, can help to understand the importance of health.


2. Explain the importance of health in the society (500 Words) Ensure that you reference your work

Health is the opposite of disease and it means the safety of the body mentally, physically, and socially. Health measures the body’s metabolic and functional efficiency and the ability to adapt in a social environment mental ambiance and physical territory. Health is a factor that helps a person to perform his day-to-day life tasks in a current and appropriate manner. Every stage of health defines something, for instance, physical health means that the body does not have disease in any part of the body and all the safety is been taken care of until now. While mental or social health represents, the ability of a person that he or she can accomplish social tasks without any defect or error and is mentally stable to tackle any unavoidable scenarios and situations.

The importance of good health is undoubtedly one of the important highlights of living. In this assessment, we are going to understand the importance of health in society. A healthy person would be able to serve himself, the society, the commodity & the nation and an unhealthy person will suffer illness, would be weak, will not be able to perform his day-to-day tasks and duties, and won’t be considered as a responsible citizen of the society. When the disease develops, a person became more dependent on someone and is unable to meet the different needs of life, which affects his physique and creates a self of helplessness and weakness.

An unhealthy person would be counted as less productive and become a weakened part of the society whereas the presence of a healthy individual makes sure the essence of productivity isn’t been lost and a healthy person possesses the power and the ability to serve and give. Furthermore, a healthy person make sure that it saves the cost of hospitals, treatments, medicines, etc. and an unhealthy person will drown a pound of money in cure and medicines this states that a healthy person, make sure that he is far away from diseases and understand the quote very well, that is “prevention is better than cure”.

Many government firms also spend a large amount of money on treatments, medications, and different funding’s because they are also concerned about the safety of the people and they understand the guidelines under prevention modules. Psychologically, it has been suggested that a healthy person lives a more comfortable and happy life as compared to an unhealthy person because mental illness is also been considered as unhealthy as in this condition, a people tends to be more gloomy, pessimistic and does not feel happy this may spoil his relationship status in the society and may prevent the love kindness and intimacy which a healthy person would be enjoying in his life, finally, a person must be considered healthy on many factors that are how he/she is avoiding diseases that interfere a healthy personal life and how can an individual prevent himself or herself from being exposed with the mental illness and how a person has been tackling the social situations of the society and considering that a healthy person would always be an asset that would be contributing towards the society mentally, physically, and socially.

3. Find, present and discuss some interesting statistics for the population of the United Kingdom relating to the impact of alcohol abuse on health. 

There are the adverse effect of alcohol abuse on health and considering the population of the United Kingdom then it has been stated that consumption of alcohol can tend to cause more than 60 medical conditions such as stomach cancer, liver cancer, mouth cancer, high blood pressure, depression, cirrhosis of the liver, etc. There was 976,425 hospital admission related to alcohol consumption in the UK and the rate has been increased by 12 percent as compared to 2019-2020.

In the United Kingdom, it was noted that the alcohol-specific death rate has been highest among people aged between 55 to 64, and as per the percentage data, it has been noted that 21.5% of people die due to alcohol consumption per hundred thousand population. Just in 2018, 314,000 potential death was been seen due to alcohol consumption, which is the highest level since 2011. Furthermore, it was been noted that Twenty-eight percent of people, who came for the alcohol treatment reported having a disability. In 10% of the alcohol treatment reported that they started to consume alcohol due to housing problems. Overall, to avoid chronic diseases and other serious problems it is mandatory to avoid alcohol consumption from right now itself to secure your healthy life.



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