Module Code: MN5072

Module Title: International Selling and Negotiation

Assignment 2 Brief for MN5072QA (20% weighting)

SUMMATIVE ASSIGNMENT 2 Sales Pitch: Paired (Duo) Assignment

Having completed your sales plan (selling cycle), the next assessment for the students is to work in groups (2 students) to develop and deliver a presentation. The presentation should last around 10 to 15 mins and students should be ready to be questioned about the video after the presentation. The video should briefly go through the sales cycle steps that lead up to the presentation, then give a presentation with a simulation of objections, negotiations and closing the sales.

The presentation will have all the expected sales cycle steps and should be structured as follows:

  1. Introduction to the product/service and the company
  2. Prospecting, sales call planning and approach (e.g., how you found your clients? How will you approach them? How will you structure the presentation?)
  3. Communicating/presenting the sales message (4) (role-play presentation) (most of the time should be spent on this stage)
  4. Objections & Negotiations for win-win solutions (5, 6, 7 & 8 in Futrell)
  5. Closing the sale and follow-up (9 & 10 in Futrell)
  6. Reflections and concluding remarks on the process (quick views on how it went and what you will do in the future)


  • “a” and “b” can be a separate commentary
  • “c”, “d” and “e” are role play.
  • “f” is a commentary on the whole presentation
  • The assessors will stop watching the presentation at 15 minutes and the rest of the material will not be assessed.

Answers that gain particularly high marks would combine clarity of the steps and strategic thinking based on situation faced and application of relevant models and theories and critical arguments.

Marking criteria:

–     The following are the criteria that will be considered for marking your video.

  • Engaging and convincing presentation taking into account key objections and follow up.
  • Good quality/within time limit video with clear sound and picture with all members presenting (facing audience). Diagrams/pictures and tables may be shown referred to during the presentation (but not replacing the face-to-face presentation)
  • Effective, evidence-based, strategic-led logical presentation supported by theory/concepts/models
  • Well-structured presentation (PowerPoint) with minimal reading. The PowerPoint should be integrated with the presentation and attached in the submission (copied onto the submission form). If the PowerPoint slides do not show in the presentation, then submit the power point as well (copy and paste in contribution log).
  • Evidence of good teamwork and Harvard style referencing (supply list of references at the end of the slides). This Assignment is weighted at 20%.


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