Module Title: Theories & Issues in Accounting & Finance AFE_7_TIS

Assignment: Literature Review of 4 students’ selected journal articles pre-approved by the module leader to ensure that the articles are related to the area of accounting and finance, and to the specific research problem chosen.

Words: This module is assessed through a 3,500-word literature review (not including the bibliography and/or any other appendices) comprising of four journal articles on a specific research problem in accounting or finance area with an accompanying presentation.

Marking Guidelines:

The written Coursework (80% marks)

A critical review of existing literature related to the area of proposed topic and is divided into following five sections:

1. Suitable Title (5% marks)

2. Introduction (10% marks)

Students are expected to briefly cover the reasons for as to why the chosen topic is important for research, and a brief background of the topic. They will list the 4 articles and provide the structure of their report.

3. Issues Addressed by a Good Critique (40% marks)

a) Why is this article interesting/important?

b) What is/are the research problem(s)/question(s) and the corresponding hypothesis(es)?

c) What theory or theoretical framework underpins the research?

d) What are the key motivating literatures on which the study depends?

e) Which research method(s) has been chosen that is how have the results been analysed?

f) How has the sample been selected?

g) How have the questions of validity been addressed (Compulsory for the qualitative research)?

h) What are the findings? i) What are the conclusions and recommendations; are they consistent with the findings?

4. Summary (10% marks)

Students are expected to provide synthesis of their review in their own words by pulling together the diverse perspectives into a cohesive whole.

5. Conclusions (10% marks)

Students should discuss the scope for specific and doable possible research problems/questions which they or others can address in the future

6. References (5% marks)

Should follow Harvard System

Presentation (20% marks)

An individual brief presentation using PowerPoint slides lasting ten minutes of the prepared written coursework followed by some questions/answers on the presentation.


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