Module name: Marketing Communications

Module Code: UG 11 MC

How you should present your work

            For the written report:

You should work in allocated groups to prepare a report in the form of an analysis of the various marketing materials produced by a company or organisation of your choice across all different media outlets such as TV, radio, internet, social media, billboards, newspaper and magazine adverts, and advertising on buses and trains etc.

Each group should produce a report containing an introduction to the company concerned, and its company history. The report should also contain examples of its marketing communications throughout its history and current day.

Although the report will be from a group of students, each student should include his or her own personal abstract and conclusion to the report.

Finally each individual student should make a critical evaluation of whether you believe the marketing communications used by the company are efficient and effective and ethical.

If you wish to contact a company directly to seek information directly from them then you must request permission through your tutor or the Student Services Manager.


For the presentation:

The group should present a 10 – 15 minute presentation reporting their findings in the written report. Each member of the group is required to present during the presentation.


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