Module Code: UG06 – DMPS

Module Title: Decision Making & Problem Solving (Stage 2)

Assessment type: Group Project (proposal report) and Group Presentation On British Airways IT Problems

Assignment specifications:

British Airways IT problems cause delays and leave angry passengers unable to check in 2019.

Read the following passage:

BRITISH AIRWAYS passengers were left frustrated this morning after a problem with BA’s computer system left them unable to check-in. Agitated fliers took to social media to share their grievances with the system.

British Airways experienced problems with its IT server this morning. BA passengers were left struggling to check-in online as “huge queues” formed at Gatwick Airport and delays were caused at Heathrow. Fliers took to social media to share their gripes with the British airline on Twitter. British Airways have called the problem a “minor temporary server issue’ and claim it has now been fixed (The Guardian, 2019).

Business Problem

British Airways experienced the following problems in its operations on checking-in passengers on just one day in 2019.These problems were systematic of wider issues and many industry watchers say the problems are still continuing to this day.

  1. Systems failures and baggage failures.
  2. 117 flights cancelled at Heathrow Airports on the day in question.
  3. 10 cancelled at Gatwick Airport on the same day.
  4. Imminent strike threats by British Airways employees.
  5. Unhappy customers.
  6. Company image tarnished.
  7. Unhappy employees.

Your report should contain: (Assessment criteria).

  1. A summary of the current position of the company and the business problem to be addressed.
  2. A statement of how research can be used to identify the root cause of the problem and how it can be used to suggest remedies.
  3. A research plan for how you will conduct the research.
  4. Detailed description of what your sample will be / the sample size / the method of sampling you are going to use to generate data.
  5. The way or ways you will collect data whether by online survey / links to phones / email links / hard copy questionnaire.
  6. The nature of the questionnaire in terms of the questions you will ask.
  7. How you will try to avoid any bias in the research.
  8. How you will analyse the data that you collect.
  9. Recommendations you will make given any clear outcomes from the data.
  10.  A conclusion and a defined new strategy in dealing with online systems failures in the future.


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