BTEC Level 3 International Diploma in Business

Unit 1 Exploring Business Assignment

Assignment title: Features contributing to the success of contrasting business organisations

Learning aims:

A: Explore the features of different business organisations and what makes them successful

B: Investigate how businesses are organised

Vocational Scenario or Context:

You have been accepted onto a work placement in the Economic Development Unit (EDU) at your local council. The EDU is dedicated to helping businesses to start, grow and prosper.

You will be working with the officers who are responsible for publications, brochures and guides.

You have been asked to research and collect information on two contrasting businesses and use this evidence to write a report on why businesses are successful.

Task 1:

The features contributing to the success of contrasting businesses.

The EDU has given you a list of suitable businesses and you will need to carry out initial research on these businesses before selecting two contrasting businesses for your report.

To provide a suitable contrast the businesses must have contrasting features, e.g. types of ownership and liability, scope, sector and/or size.

You will have to gather comprehensive research evidence for each business.

Your research should include:

  • Features of the business to include ownership and liability, purpose, sector, scope of activities and size
  • organisational structure and functional areas
  • the business mission, vision and values, aims and objectives
  • the relationship with internal and external stakeholders, to include how it communicates with these stakeholders and the influence they have on the business
  • possible reasons for success.

Using this research, prepare a report that investigates and assesses the reasons for the success of these two businesses.

The report will evaluate how each organisation’s features, and the relationship and communications with internal and external stakeholders, supports and enables the business in achieving its aims and objectives and in being successful.

The report will have a clear conclusion that is fully justified by well- balanced, developed arguments, and is supported by good use of research evidence.


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