Unit code: J/618/5035

Unit 3: Human Resource Management

Assignment Title: The Role of HRM practices and Organisational Development – case of a global car manufacturer

Task 1 – Business Report (2000 – 2500 words)

Unit Learning Outcomes

  • LO1 Explain the impact of the role of HRM in creating sustainable organisational performance and contributing to business success.
  • LO2 Assess the contribution of HRM in recruiting and retaining talent and skills to achieve business objectives.
  • LO3 Examine how external and internal factors can affect HRM decision making in relation to organisational development.


Organisation – The organisation is a global *car manufacturer. It has both centralised and decentralised functions. One of the decentralised functions is the HR function. In each global location they are based, while production is the core of the organisation, there are many other support functions that ensure the success of the business.

Role – As a Human Resources Administrator, it is your job to understand HRM practices and to provide information accurately and in a timely way to the appropriate stakeholders. Your typical duties involve:

  • liaising with a range of people involved in policy areas such as staff performance and health and safety
  • recruiting staff, which involves developing job descriptions and person specifications, preparing job adverts, checking application forms, shortlisting, interviewing and selecting candidates
  • making sure that prospective staff have the right to work at the organisation
  • developing and implementing policies on issues such as working conditions, performance management, equal opportunities, disciplinary procedures and absence management
  • preparing staff handbooks
  • advising on pay and other remuneration issues, including promotion and benefits
  • preparing management reports on employee-related data on monthly basis.

*Though the vocational scenario is a guidance for you, select an appropriate car manufacturer that meets your local needs.

Assignment activity and guidance

In your role of Human Resources Administrator, one of your goals is to address the issues of skills shortage and hard-to-fill vacancies in the organisation. You have been asked by your line manager to undertake a review of HR practices and processes in order to produce a roadmap for successfully strengthening the organisation’s talent management strategy.

The review will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of HRM to critically evaluate factors that will contribute to decisions taken; it is to be delivered as a business report that gives a clear vision and roadmap to success. The priority objective is to improve recruitment and employee engagement and motivation, and to grow internal talent.

You will be reviewing internal HRM practices and processes, with a focus on recruitment and selection, and external influences on HRM practices, in order to determine HR solutions for strengthening the organisation’s talent management strategy.

The report (2500 max words) will include the following:

  • A brief introduction & global organisational structure of the selected organisation.
  • Critically evaluate the strength and weakness of HRM in the current industry with a comparison of different HRM areas/functions and their contribution to organisational performance.
  • An examination of strategic HRM in relation to changing effects on your chosen organisation and its human resources skills and knowledge.
  • Review different HRM practices used for the purpose of recruitment and retention for the achievement of business objectives and evaluate its importance in relation to the labour market.
  • Evaluate internal and external factors with examples that influence HRM decisions in the workplace and provide recommendations how these factors support organisational development.

TASK 2 – (Part of Business Report in Appendix) 1000 – 1150 words

Unit Learning Outcomes

LO4 Apply HRM practices in a work-related context for improving sustainable organisational performance.

Scenario and Activity

Using the same scenario as in TASK 1 above, you have been assigned to take part in testing the new recruitment and selection process to improve the organizational performance. You are required to design a job description and job specification for a position of your choice within the selected organization in section 1, advertise the job (job advert) along with sample of job interview planning.

The aim of this task is to conduct and evaluate the recruitment and selection process for the proposed post. You will need to submit as an appendix with your Business Report. You need to cover the following documents, minimum four (4) documents required:

  1. The design of a job description (JD) and person specification (PS) for the selected job role.
  2. A specimen of an advertisement for the given position in the organization.
  3. One CV tailored to meet the key requirements for the advertised job.
  4. A documentation of preparatory notes for interviews assessment and selection criteria. Justify your decision for the selected candidate.
  5. A job offer letter to the selected candidate.
  6. Identify the strengths and weakness of the entire selection process.
  7. Illustrate how the above process can improve the sustainable organisational performance with recommendations for future performance.

Just Remember, the 1000 – 1150 words limit for this task excludes the cover page, contents page, list of references and appendices. You will not be penalized for exceeding the word limit.

NOTE: Make sure you submit the above documents (minimum four) as an appendix with your Business Report (Task One).


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