Unit 8: Customer Immersion Experiences

Assignment title : Customer immersion experiences as marketing methods

Vocational Scenario or Context:

You are working as a marketing assistant for a local business and have been asked to investigate customer immersion experiences as a potential promotional method for the launch of a new product or service.

You have been asked to create a report on the importance of customer immersion experiences, which you will present to the senior marketing team.

Task 1:

You will have to gather research into the purpose, use and success of customer immersion experiences within the marketing of two different products or services.

Using your research, you will prepare a digital report which examines the use of customer immersion experiences within the promotion of two different products or services.

Your report should include:

  • an explanation of the purpose of customer immersion experiences
  • an overview of each product or service, describing how customer immersion experiences have been used to promote them to a target market
  • a detailed analysis of the outcomes of customer immersion experiences for both products or services, using examples where appropriate
  • a thorough evaluation of the impacts that customer immersion experiences have had on the achievement of successful outcomes across both products or services
  • a conclusion which justifies the importance and success of customer immersion experiences in the marketing of products or services, supported by examples


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