Unit code: WJB577

Unit Title: Reviewing and Planning for the Future

Assignment Title: Induction Assignment – Identifying future course and career progression routes

Description of Assessment Task:

Use the template below to complete the following tasks:

  1. Think of a range of possible career options. Put this into a spidergram. (AC 1)
  • Carry out research into a range of possible career options. You could start with the resources listed in the box below.
  • Choose one possible career option and create a profile for that career including an outline of the skills, qualifications and experience (AC 2.1)

This should be attractively presented on one side of A4 and can include images.

  1. Complete the SWOT analysis provided for your chosen career option to include your current Strengths and Weaknesses; Opportunities to achieve your chosen career option and any Threats or difficulties that you might encounter. (AC2.2)
  1. Write a short reflective account (200 words) summarising how far your personal qualities, skills and experiences are matched to your chosen course/career and any advantages/disadvantages of that progression route. (AC 2.1, 2.2)


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